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The Continuous, Underway Fish Egg Sampler, CUFES, is used to collect pelagic eggs of fish, and ancillary data, from ca. 3-m depth from a moving research vessel. These samples and data are, in turn, used to investigate spawning habitat and estimate spawning biomass.

Pelagic fish eggs are often aggregated in time and space. Continuous sampling from an ship moving at full speed is an effective means to assess aggregated distributions. CUFES was designed with this intent.

This web site is intended to be a point of reference for people working with CUFES and for those interested in knowing more about it. It consists of a basic description of the system, past experience in using the system, future intent, and people and organizations associated with its use.

Persons interested in comunicating results of their research or making an inquiry can do so in two ways. First, by sending an e-mail message to specific persons. Second, by posting a general notice to a mailing list of all the people in the International CUFES Group (see People section). 

Contact Daniel Loya or Dave Checkley to have information included in this site.

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